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March Training Day 2021

March Training Day 2021

Cost: $20 (This is to cover bird costs the chapter incurs to raise, house, and feed)

You will have the opportunity to purchase additional birds to take home for training if you wish during registration.

What to expect at training day ...

Young Dogs – The focus will be introduction to birds, pointing, searching, tracking, and swimming when suitable water is present.  Training at this level is a misnomer in this authors opinion, obedience training aside.  At this level, we are reinforcing and enhancing what genetic traits the pup exhibits and beginning to shape environmental traits.  It is important to differentiate between genetic traits and environmental traits to develop our training program.

We cannot train the dogs nose to be good, or train the dog to point, train desire or cooperation into the dog as examples.  We can mask genetic deficiencies with training or shape environmental traits that pull the maximum potential out of the dog.  This is why Natural Ability Testing is desired before 16 months of age.  We are exposing the young apprentice to stimuli and situations that reveal their genetic potentials and genetic deficiencies.  We can continue developing a well thought out training program around the test results and breeders can make adjustments to their breeding programs.

Started Dogs –  Most number of dogs showing up for training day likely fall into this category.  The apprentice now has some real-world experience behind them and focus is shifting toward retrieving, steadiness, “WHOA”, obedience, obedience, and obedience.  You can expect to work on obedience, retrieving, “WHOA”, water work when suitable water is available, steadiness in the field and steadiness at the blind.  Many of us fall into the trap and like to believe our dogs are further along in the training program than they really are. 

Be honest with yourself.  Is your dog steady to wing, shot and fall?  Can you “WHOA” your dog under any condition?  If you answer NO to either question then you are not ready to shoot birds over your dog and we are not going to humor you as this is a waste of our volunteer’s time.  Put your pride aside.  Let’s take advantage of the training season, get it right and not get ahead of ourselves.  You will be rewarded come hunting season with solid to outstanding dog work.  This apprentice is a good to prime candidate for Utility Preparatory Testing or Utility Testing.

Finished Dogs – Few will be present at training days.  This individual is independent (desire), steady to wing, shot, and fall (steadiness), can be “WHOA” (steadiness/obedience) under all conditions, takes direction well (obedience), and eager to please (cooperation) in the field and water.  This journeyman is a joy to watch in the field while at their craft and may need limited fine tuning after a season of wily pheasants and devilish chukars.  This journeyman is a prime candidate for Utility Testing or Invitational Testing if one is so lucky to have achieved a UT Prize 1.

Event Properties

Event Date 03-27-2021 8:30 am
Event End Date 03-27-2021 2:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 5
Individual Price $20.00
Location EE Wilson - Quinlan Rd

Venue Information - EE Wilson - Quinlan Rd

This is leased private land by the chapter next to EE Wilson Wildlife Area off Quinlan Rd.  Do NOT go to the Wildlife Office.