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Training days are a rain or shine event so be prepared and dress appropriately.  Items you should already have and bring along:

Not required, but helpers and members do appreciate donuts or other tasty delectable treats before getting to work if you are feeling generous.  Wink ;- ) Wink ;- )

•  Leash
•  Kennel and/or stake out
•  Water for your dog
•  Water or beverages for you
•  Lunch if desired
•  Cage or means to transport any training birds you may have purchased
•  Check cord
•  eCollars if you have them (don't forget to charge)
•  Sturdy collar at least 3/4" wide and NO PLASTIC BUCKLES!
•  Sunscreen
•  Rain gear
•  Brimmed hats
•  Sunglasses
•  Bug spray/lotion
•  Waders (hip or chest) can be beneficial when getting dogs into water, setting decoys, placing ducks, etc
•  Break open only shot gun, ammunition/blanks, safety glasses, and hearing protection
•  Blaze orange hat, jacket, or shirt if you are going to be present for live fire
•  Extra socks, change of clothes, and shoes or boots

Lastly you must be a current chapter member and sign a liability waiver, if you have not already, due to insurance and legal reasons.  Alcohol consumption is prohibited on the premises.  Unfortunately we now live in litigious society and selection of the human species is frowned upon, so we must enforce this policy.  The chapter thanks you for your patience and understanding in this matter!

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