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08-09-2019 6:00 am
Luckiamute Valley Pheasants
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The Utility Preparatory Test measures the dogs’ development midway through their training toward the Utility Test. No previous testing required. It is a test midway between the Natural Ability Test and the Utility Test. The dog’s level of obedience and training should demonstrate that it is on its way to becoming a Utility dog. The Utility Preparatory Test is intended to help the hunter/trainer measure progress of his or her hunting companion on route to being a complete hunting dog. The test is intended to measure progress toward qualification in the NAVHDA Utility Test. Since the Utility Preparatory Test is measuring progress towards the Utility Test, it has less stringent levels of performance. Utility judging standards fully apply in the Utility Preparatory Test up to the UPT performance limits. A handler will get a better understanding of the UPT Test and enhance their training preparation by reading through the Utility Test rules. Also, the handler and dog gain experience and appreciation of the hunting team concept through exposure to the UPT test. The results of a Natural Ability Test, a Utility Preparatory Test, and a Utility Test combined, give a strong indication of a dog’s breeding potential.

The Utility Test is designed to test a hunting dog’s usefulness to the on-foot hunter in all phases of hunting both before and after the shot, in field and marsh, and on different species of game.  While the dog that is successful in the Natural Ability Test might be likened to a promising young apprentice, the dog that successfully completes the Utility Test will have demonstrated that he is a master, or at the very least a good, solid and reliable journeyman. This test is a challenging and demanding one, as befits the NAVHDA aim of “fostering, improving, promoting and protecting the versatile hunting dog in North America.” It is not, however, an unreasonable test with unattainable goals. A very large number of fine dogs have already earned prize classifications in NAVHDA Utility Tests. It is interesting to note that the majority of these successful dogs have been owner-trained. Serious breeders generally await results of the Utility Test before making a final evaluation of a dog’s probable worth as a sire or dam. Most dogs entered in the Utility Test have reached maturity, and latent faults will probably have surfaced.
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